Pet Portraits : Dogs, Cats, Horses

Notice: this site has recently been mentioned in ads for job listings indicating that I am seeking interns or market representatives.  This is not true and has nothing to do with my art business. The listings are part of some sort of scam. Please do not contact me regarding such job listings.

Portraits of dogs, cats, horses, even people in acrylic or pastel from your photos or unique photos by the artist, David Kellam Brown. With a tutorial on the creation of photos as references.

There is a unique "liveliness" and intensity to a painted portrait created by a quality artist that conveys the special spirit and energy of your pet. A quality painted portrait can be created from a photo, or better, from a set of photos of your dog, cat, horse, bird, even fish. While I prefer to shoot my own reference photos, I can work from your photos and snapshots along with your description of your pet's spirit and what you love about the animal. I cannot copy a copyrighted image without a release from the holder of the copyright (usually the case with a professional photographer).

I've created many memorial paintings of pets. Frequently, images of these animals are combined in paintings with other beloved pets or people to create a composite image of a group that has only existed before in your heart.

Since I really enjoy animals, my greatest pleasure is when I get to meet my subjects and create my own reference photos. I find great pleasure in painting an animal that I have played with, petted and talked to. Unlike some artists, I don't charge extra for such reference photo sessions if I can shoot the photos within a half-hour drive of my home in Plano Texas. I will also critique your photos and help you take a photo that can be used to produce a painted portrait that we will both be thrilled with.

I treat my pet portraits as works of art and take as much time as is required to produce a piece that I am proud of. I will be glad to discuss the artistic aspects and concepts of the portrait before I begin work. Because of this approach, I prefer to take time discussing a portrait with you before I start, addressing your desires and expectations and understanding of art. While most of my work is very realistic, I enjoy creating work with an interpretive flair and use of specialized color and composition.

Please visit my online gallery to sample some of my portraits of animal friends.